Community Based Day Programs

A community you can be a part of...

Community Integrated Services (CIS) community-based day programs are rooted in our belief that full community involvement for people with intellectual and developmental disabilities benefits everyone. CIS offers a wide range of community based support options, from providing a few hours of help in a person’s own home, to an intensive program with around-the-clock clinical and nursing services. Regardless of the level of need, all of the individuals we work with are encouraged and supported to become active and valued members of their community. To aid in that effort, we have developed program opportunities to fit the specific goals and aspirations of each individual, while working towards independence, health and wellness, and an enriching life by:

  • Developing community living skills.
  • Participation in recreation and leisure opportunities.
  • Encouragement and help in building relationships.
  • Validating contributions to the welfare of others in the home and sharing.
  • Teaching negotiation and conflict resolution skills.
  • Pursuing unpaid or paid vocational work.
We utilize various local resources, events, and activities to provide a high level of community involvement and integration. Our CIS day program building is used in tandem with community activities to provide individuals with a space to participate in enrichment classes, social groups, and computer access if needed.

Our day service options include in-home, on location at a workplace, and in the community depending on the specific wants and needs of each individual. These services are flexible and can be tailored to varying lifestyles, schedules, and preferences.

Direct Support Professionals work with individuals on a one-to-one ratio in order to provide the highest level of support, encouragement, and assistance possible.

Community Participation Services and Participant Directed Managed Services

Community based service supports and enables people to be contributing independent members of their community, to determine safe and healthy life choices, and to establish meaningful relationships with peers, family and friends. Certified annually by the New Hampshire Bureau of Developmental Services, Community Based Services provides community-based day and employment services for adults with developmental disabilities and acquired brain injuries.

From competitive employment, to the arts, life-skills, cooking class, Job coaching, volunteering, and more, our support offers individuals in everything they do and helps facilitate their success.

Path to success:

  • We create individualized plans that envision a future of independence with an evolving network of natural supports, and we work towards these goals every day.
  • We ensure that all activities are community-based and inclusive.
  • Our team create individualized schedules of daily activities tailored to each individual based on their abilities and interests.
  • Programming is offered on a 1:1 staff-to-person ratio depending on needs and funding.

Supported Independent Living Skills / Community Support Services

This program offers opportunities for individuals who live independently in the community, but need minimal/occasional supports to maintain their independence.

Regardless of the level of need, all of the individuals we work with are encouraged and supported to become active and valued members of their community. To aid in that effort, CIS staff in all program models provide ongoing training and support for:

  • Developing community living skills
  • Participation in recreation and leisure opportunities
  • Encouragement and help in building relationships
  • Validating contributions to the welfare of others in the home and sharing.
  • Teaching negotiation and conflict resolution skills.
  • Pursuing unpaid or paid vocational work.

Safety is always at the forefront for both the individual and the community.

Shift-Staffed Program Model

Community Integrated Services offers a residential or shift-staffed 24/7 model of support providing professional, trained staff and individualized supports within community-based homes. These small two-person (unlicensed) or three-four person (licensed) homes can be designed to meet a wide range of person-centered needs from teaching independent living skills to providing medically intensive levels of care and support.

Through person-centered plans, individuals are encouraged to express and exert the fullest range of choice possible in their daily lives, and in doing so, are able to develop a genuine sense of self-determination. This autonomy is not to be confused with isolation. To promote an expanding circle of natural supports, the Agency offers a sense of community and belonging for every person receiving care allowing them to live with dignity, safety, and hope.

In-Home Supports

Community Integrated Services offers in-home care and support to persons with developmental disabilities of all ages who are living with family or on their own, in communities where they have established a sense of permanency. Our services extend care into existing environments and contexts offering assistance within a reassuring context. With an emphasis on autonomy and self-determination, person-centered care is flexible, intended to work with and around the changing demands and schedules of the supported individual, and their personal circumstances. As such, supported individuals are invited to participate in the interview, selection, and evaluation of their supports and staff.

Emergency and Crisis Supports

On occasion, persons can find themselves displaced from their home, or temporarily in need of additional supports to ensure their safety and the safety of those around them. Without judging the circumstances leading to this critical predicament, Community Integrated Services offers short-term care and support for persons in crisis with nowhere else to turn. During this period of emergency respite, the Agency offers the capacity to perform intensive functional, behavioral, psychological and nursing assessments to assist those teams requiring suitable after-care alternatives. Community Integrated Services provides respite and crisis services within existing home-environments, these opportunities are limited based upon availability and the consent of the person (and guardian/case manager) already living and receiving supports in the home.

Nursing Supports

Our nursing staff are active members of the Developmental Disabilities Nurses Association (DDNA) and hold National Developmental Disabilities certifications. Our nurses provide the following valuable services within our company:

  • Provide general nursing consultation to staff and consumers 24 hours a day, 365 days a year.
  • Educate the direct support staff in the safe administration of medications via the state approved Certified Residential Medication Aid (CRMA) classes.
  • Ensure the quality of in-home services and adherence to best practices.
  • Providing consumer education in self-administration of medications, for those individuals desiring a greater level of independence.
  • Oversee and procure medical supplies, referrals, and information needed by clients and staff.
  • Educate on diabetes and other medical and health related issues.
  • Participate in the person-centered planning (PCP) process, if requested.

Quality Assurance

Community Integrated Services is dedicated to a high level of quality in our services and relationships.

Internal compliance with state regulations and company policies in monitored directly by the operations team. This allows for thorough oversight of all aspects of quality by those team members who are most involved in service.

The quality of our relationships with State Agencies, Area Agencies, and other Vendor Agencies is directly related to the success of our services and the progress of the individuals involved.

CIS believes that successful services start at the ground level with paperwork tracking, proper documentation, and close attention to detail.

“Quality means doing it right when no one is looking.” - Henry Ford