CIS Life Enrichment Classes

Community Integrated Services is proud of the array of life enrichment classes we offer to our individuals and to those receiving services elsewhere in our community. We feel strongly that providing the opportunity to learn new information, skills and hobbies is important for building fuller, more independent lives. Our instructors always strive to promote independence with life skills classes discussing topics such as internet safety and job preparedness. Our arts and crafts projects also have directions that can be easily adjusted to allow individuals with different levels of ability to do them with as little assistance as possible.

During our In-person classes our instructor will guide participants through the subjects with both verbal and visual aids. Supplies are provided so that everyone can join in and be a part of the hands-on fun. Some of these projects can be taken home to share with family and friends while other days the supplies allow participants to put their personal touch on an upcoming party or perform exciting experiments with their peers. We also take the opportunity to hold classes and events out in the community when able and love using those outings to encourage the exploration of new places and even new possibilities for locations our individuals may already know.

Our Virtual classes offer an opportunity for those who, for whatever reason, don’t attend class in-person the ability to stay productive and connected with our community from a distance. Class schedules and supply lists are posted every month so that participants can follow along and complete the projects they would like to. Our instructor will guide virtual participants through activities, games and events meant to offer the opportunity to socialize. Even though there’s distance between us we maintain the hope to promote building healthy and supportive friendships through community members that may not have otherwise had the opportunity to meet.

Community Integrated Services greatly enjoys hosting all sorts of events for our participants. Throughout the year we hold holiday and seasonal parties, bake-offs, karaoke, birthday celebrations and even simple coffee socials. Our individuals and participants get the chance to win prizes, show off their cooking/baking skills and spend quality time with their peers.

Interested in joining classes at Community Integrated Services?

We welcome individuals from outside of our company to join us as private pay participants. Once registered you will have unlimited access to our classes and events. For more details about the process of joining and pricing please reach out to Community Integrated Services at (603) 836-4400 ext 110 or [email protected]