CIS Classes

Cooking Class

Learn the basics of cooking in hands-on course. Once a week, this class will provide clear directions for everyday cooking. The class focuses on simple techniques for easily cooking homemade meals. As a group we learn basic skills with recipe comprehension, conversion, measurement and execution. Basic meat handling and cooking techniques.

Social Stroll

CIS offers a group where clients meetup in the community and walk and chat about different topics. This is a great way for client to get exercise and get social interaction with peers.

Gardening Group

CIS offers a beautiful garden for all to garden. Gardening therapy promotes physical, emotional, cognitive, social and spiritual well-being. Opens whole new areas of exploration, awareness, enjoyment, amazement and learning for all. We go over garden safety, learn about how to plant seeds and It is also educational and designed to encourage creativity. Plus what we grow is used in cooking class.

Lunch Group

CIS lunch group is a great way for clients to get out in the community and be social with their peers. Many of our lunch groups are at local parks, CIS, and Lunch Box. We also celebrate monthly birthdays and sometime have parties. This is a great way to work on commination skills.

Art Class

This class has been developed to encourage all to explore and express themselves through art and crafts activities. We know that it’s important to encourage creativity and a sense of exploration in all ages. At CIS work as a group in guided activity-based art projects. We will want clients to experience drawing, painting, clay, printmaking, collage, design and more.

Life Skills

The purpose of this course is to increase our client’s knowledge and ability in skills necessary for everyday living. Topics included will be self-assessment relating to others, money management, housing, basic hygiene, clothing choices and care. We work as a group doing hand on activities while maintaining skills that are necessary for full participation in everyday life.

Movement Group

CIS provides an exercising group has been designed for all levels of ability’s. Over the summer we mostly just walk and group games at the local park. During the colder months we have a routine that is great to keep active. We also work on breathing techniques used to help with relaxing and calming.

Science Class

As a group we learn the basic principles of science and how they apply to areas of earth and life science. We have done many hands-on activities, labs, projects, and group work are emphasized.

Job Seeking

Searching for a job takes persistence – and it’s not always easy to stay optimistic when prospects appear to be on the bleak side. That’s why at CIS we help client search for placing hiring, and can provide you with insights on landing the job you want, and also do mock interviewing and work on filling out an resume.