CIS Class Information

Science Class

Biology, Chemistry, Engineering, we do a little of everything! Each week brings a new chance to learn about the world and the wonderful things going on in and around it. Come spark excitement with projects and experiments that are filled with as much fun as they are knowledge.

Art - Art History Class


Come get creative with us! Our instructor encourages a sense of exploration and expression with guided seasonal and activity-based projects. We introduce various mediums and promote an appreciation for artistic styles with a brief, once-monthly, art history lesson.

Cooking Class

Be as hands on as you are comfortable with while we breakdown recipes step by step. You'll learn helpful tips like how to measure correctly, handle ingredients and tools safely, and celebrate all you learned by enjoying the finished product!

Lunch Group

CIS lunch group is a great way for clients to get out in the community and be social with their peers. Many of our lunch groups are at local parks, CIS, and Lunch Box. We also celebrate monthly birthdays and sometime have parties. This is a great way to work on commination skills.

Art Class

This class has been developed to encourage all to explore and express themselves through art and crafts activities. We know that it’s important to encourage creativity and a sense of exploration in all ages. At CIS work as a group in guided activity-based art projects. We will want clients to experience drawing, painting, clay, printmaking, collage, design and more.

Wellness Skills

WellnessPhysical and mental health are key pieces to a happy and productive life. We keep this group exciting by switching things up constantly!

Life Enrichment

Independence in everyday life and work is important. We cover a wide variety of topics from job preparedness to social media/internet safety. In this class we provide the tools, tips and knowledge to feel confident and safe to make informed choices for yourself.

Fun Fridays!

Our Fun Friday events are always a hit with activities hangman, trivia, Pictionary, and more! The activities vary week to week so it's always exciting.